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Input : Charging of Virgin material and clean process scrap
Output : Will produce 7” & 9” logs which are cut into billets of required length


Depending on requirement of tube size billet is cut into its length Billet Pre Heating temp 650-780 ͦc.

Will extrude the tube keeping dimensions with in the tolerance and discard the back end 250-300mm of extruded tube in hot condition and Front end is cut after cooling of 150-200mm

Process Name: Reeling

Reeling is operation to make the straightness of the tube. Tube is inserted in between conical rollers which moves in anti-clockwise direction and tube moves in clock wise direction.

Process Name: Annealing

Annealing operation is done to relieve internal stress which are develop in the extrusion process and also to maintain mechanical properties in material.

Process Name: CNC

In CNC M/C will set program will do machining OD & ID and maintain the dimensions tolerances as per the requirement.

After Ring cutting from tube in CNC, will transfer the rings into Vibratory finishing M/C for removal bur from Rings. 

Process Name: Quality Inspection

As per tolerance specified for Synchronize Ring size will check Go no gauge for OD & Width. Accepted & rejection will done after checking of ring

100% Visual & dimensions inspection of ring as per specifications tolerance. Confirm Accepted or rejected of ring and enter into the Inspection record

Process Name: Packing & Dispatch

Each Box is identified with Size, Heat No, Alloy, Quantity, Weight & Material Code. Its verified by dispatch team.

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