Indofab Metpro Engineers LLP



INDOFAB METPRO ENGINEERS LLP begins the manufacturing process with raw material inventory of both recycled and virgin metals which are processed to ensure flexibility in meeting changing Customer requirements. Sample of molten metal is taken from the furnace before each pouring. Each heat is assigned an identification number ensuring traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Cast billets are subjected to spectroscopy and/ or volumetric testing during the melt and after solidification of cast to certify chemistries and as-cast properties. Direct extrusion produces defect-free material in coil or long forms. The Extruded materials then goes through the pickling process to prepare the surface for cold working. There after the extruded product is subjected to a cold-draw’s. The final draw reduces the cross-section to obtain precise geometric tolerances, while enhancing features and properties.

Surface quality, straightness, machineability and mechanical properties are improved. Straightening, annealing and multiple reductions are typical steps to meet specific Customer requirements. Cutting of bars and hollow stock to specific lengths and cutting coils to weight. Critical dimensions are checked at extrusion, drawing, straightening and cutting processes. Final Inspection as per control plan for the product and lab certification or documentation complete the manufacturing process for packaging and dispatch ensuring damage-free delivery for all materials.

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